The Best Road Trip Service in America

It is a bit weird that you are a US citizen but never have road trip across America and visit the famous local tourism spots. For American, the term road trip is something that they really proud of because it is part of their culture because whether you believe it or not, each state has different culture and local habits. Now, speaking about road trip, which one is more convenient: driving your own vehicle or rent commercial transportation so you can tag along your family members and relatives? Well, let’s discuss both of transportation options so you can decide which one that can be part of your road trip transportation. Let’s start our discussion about the transportation option for your road trip across America by selecting the personal vehicle or car that you are going to drive. The question is: do you have enough stamina to drive around 6 to 10 hours a day? Most people are choosing to continue their road trip at night because the traffic is not as jammed as the daylight traffic although in some states and especially big cities, the traffic is awful both day and night. Even if you do not have the stamina to drive from 6 to 10 hours a day, you can stop by at any rest areas across the states to get quick rest and short naps to restore your energy, focus, and concentration.

Another disadvantage that you get if you choose to drive your own vehicle is that you never know when your car is going to be broken and it means that you have to spend at least 2 days at certain town, city, or even state while you wait to get your vehicle fixed before continue your road trip. It is okay if you still choose to drive your own vehicle or car but most cars are not built for long-distance trip such as the road trip and it means that you have to try another transportation solution for your road trip and that is renting commercial transportation. To make sure you have comfortable and stress-free road trip, charter a bus is one of the most logical and reasonable solution for you because not only you can count the number of participants that can be accommodated by the renting commercial transportation, but also you do not have to be confused in selecting the destination for the road trip and what list of activities that you can do because the rental commercial transportation is going to arrange the road trip for you and you are free to jump in and giving suggestions about the destination for your road trip. What type of transportation fleet that can accommodate your road trip across the US?

The rental commercial transportation service is currently offering four types of transportation options for your road trip across the US and they are the vans which able to accommodate up to 9 passengers, mini motocoaches which able to hold 28 to 35 passengers, and the full-size luxury touring motorcoaches which able to hold 48 and 56 passengers. If you confuse what motorcoaches are, it is the same term to refer to the bus which you can easily found at the local tourism spots in your city and the reason why the tourism buses are referred as motorcoaches is because it is more than just a bus. Motorcoaches or road trip buses are having complete features and amenities for the passenger which you would not get from ordinary buses. Some of the features that the motorcoaches have to offer are including the restrooms so you do not have to ask the driver to stop at rest area or gas station to go to the restroom, individual overhead climate control just like the commercial airplane, PA system, smart tire for extra protection on the road, DVD, CD, and VCR, drive cam, individual overhead lighting, adjustable foot rests, undercarriage weather-proofed luggage compartments to safely store your bags and baggage, adjustable foot rests, oversized picture windows for better view along the way, individual arm rests, seat belts, GPS tracking, iPod connection, Wi-Fi, and many more. If you interested in renting the aforementioned transportation options for your road trip across America, you can request a quote to know the amount of rental fee and other costs that you have to pay for this exclusive and the best service.