The Best Road Trip Service in America

It is a bit weird that you are a US citizen but never have road trip across America and visit the famous local tourism spots. For American, the term road trip is something that they really proud of because it is part of their culture because whether you believe it or not, each state has different culture and local habits. Now, speaking about road trip, which one is more convenient: driving your own vehicle or rent commercial transportation so you can tag along your family members and relatives? Well, let’s discuss both of transportation options so you can decide which one that can be part of your road trip transportation. Let’s start our discussion about the transportation option for your road trip across America by selecting the personal vehicle or car that you are going to drive. The question is: do you have enough stamina to drive around 6 to 10 hours a day? Most people are choosing to continue their road trip at night because the traffic is not as jammed as the daylight traffic although in some states and especially big cities, the traffic is awful both day and night. Even if you do not have the stamina to drive from 6 to 10 hours a day, you can stop by at any rest areas across the states to get quick rest and short naps to restore your energy, focus, and concentration. Continue reading